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About us


Inspired by tradition, and celebrating ancient techniques, we work hand-in-hand with local artisans to bring Guatemalan fashion to the world. It is for our love of fashion that we dare take a bold new approach on traditional artistry, pushing forward the already impressive handcrafting abilities of artisans from different regions of the country.

Our name - TOJ - is one of the Mayan Nahuales, which are sacred elements of ancient Mayan worldview. Its meaning is based on reciprocity, donation, offering and gratitude. As a tribute to the Guatemalan handcrafting legacy and following the commitment manifested by our name, we work on giving back to the artisans' communities by providing them with stable jobs that bring fixed income and will later create more job opportunities.

In all, TOJ is the result of love for fashion, love for creativity, love for artisans and their impressive abilities.